Electronic Medical Records Computer

The world of medicine is undergoing a revolution. With a government mandate looming in the next two years, hospitals and healthcare clinics are required to digitize their paper records. Teguar is ahead of the curve again, as we provide a full line of medical computers that are designed to handle electronic medical records (EMR).

A Teguar medical computer provides a stable platform for software needed to create and maintain medical records needed in a healthcare environment. These records need to be readily accessible at the point of care, which include a patient’s bedside, in the emergency room or operating room. In addition, a Teguar medical PCcan be located in a laboratory or a radiological testing facility. Also, with Teguar medical computers, touch screens integrated into the PCs make the process more efficient. Most EMR computers at Teguar have an anti-bacterial coating which makes it ideal for use in a sterile environment. The EMR computer can also be IP65 certified, which means waterproof and dustproof, as well as carry EN60601-1 and UL60601-1 medical certification. In the end, an EMR computer from Teguar will help make the transition from paper to digital records smoother as every medical computer provides a stable EMR platform designed for high usage. The digital age is now for the healthcare industry and Teguar is leading the way.

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