Clean Room Computers and Tablets

The clean room computers and clean room tablets provided by Teguar provide protection from contamination. The computers feature a stainless steel exterior and is designed for maximum cleanliness with groove and hinge free casing. Easy cleaning is accomplished due to the waterproof design. Harsh industry grade cleansers as well as boiling water can be utilized safely for cleansing. Each unit is dust, water, alkaline and acid safe. It is designed for high-performance without hindrance, delay, or loss of data. The unique interior design and components allow for flexibility. Each unit is tested and retested in the factory and environmentally to ensure steady and reliable performance. The cleanroom computer is consistently updated to stay above industry standards at all times.

Clean Room Computer

The cleanroom PC or tablet is a perfect solution and provides specified levels of contamination protection that pertain to specific industry needs. The cleanroom industrial computer meets all industry standards and is resistant to environmental pollutants including dust, airborne microbes, chemical vapors, and aerosol particles. Each unit provides a perfect fit in various environments ensuring reliability and dependability. Quality and excellence is provided in every aspect including performance and software adaptability. The fanless slim design allows for easy acquisition into pre-existing IT systems. Clean room pcs and tablets are designed without ventilation slots or outside fans providing protection from electrical dust circulation. The completely sealed stainless steel exterior of the clean room computers meets V2A (304) requirements and includes a touchscreen panel that allows for easy acquisition for both data entry and access. It also has an environmental rating of IP67. Teguar has extensive experience providing cleanroom computers and tablets.

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