Building Automation Computer

Teguar provides a reliable and durable building automation PC. The building automation PC is an intelligent control-based system designed to monitor and control mechanical and electronic devices within a building. It is known for increasing efficiency, saving energy, and lowering costs when compared to a non-controlled facility. Users are able to monitor, conserve, and control energy within facilities and organizations through the industrial, reliable, rugged building automation computer. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and provides a diverse field in many building and home automation applications. This environmentally friendly technology provides facility and energy management solutions.

The building automation PC is energy efficient, noiseless and 100% fanless. It is designed with reliable and high quality components which are made to work reliably in a 24/7 environment. The internal components are designed for flexibility and maximize productivity. The external casing is durable, strong, sleek looking. The internal components are uniquely designed to provide ongoing production despite movement, vibration, impact, and other extreme conditions. You can rely on the reliable building automation PC to provide long-lasting performance without hesitation, delay, or loss of data. The intelligent building automation computer provides a wide range of solutions to furnish customers with a variety of developments including the T-7822 series (fanless touch panel building acquisition pc). The subsystems utilized within the building automation computer functions are grouped into different categories. The reliable and consistent product provides a long-lasting life, quality, and service.

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