Automation System Integrator

Although automation and control systems continue to grow in scope and complexity, end users seem inclined to devote fewer in-house resources to developing and maintaining them. Many manufacturers have eliminated their staff engineering positions entirely, preferring to hire the help they need when they need it. Integrators are the companies that manufacturers turn to for help designing, installing, connecting, and commissioning the various components of new and retrofit automation systems such as full scale industiral computer integrations. 

Automation System Integrators provide their customers with the best hand-picked solutions for specific end use applications. They are in charge of the big picture integration and need to be able to rely on the individual component vendors. At Teguar Corporation, we take pride in providing cutting-edge industiral touch computer solutions including a slim Touch Panel PC, fully enclosed and IP65 waterproof Computers, rugged and semi-rugged Tablet PC and mobile Computers to a wide variety of industrial environments. They provide an excellent ROI and are designed to work seamlessly within the larger hardware and software infrastructure of your automation integration project.

Teguar industrial touch computers are suitable for automation integration projects in security and access control systems, automotive, third party logistics, retail distribution, manufacturing, panel builds, robotics, packaging and many more…

Why do Automation System Integrators choose to work with Teguar?

-         Teguar is a proven expert in all questions of industrial computer integration

-          Flexibility to design new products or change existing products to meet customers’ needs 

-          Wide range of HMI / Panel PC selection available

-          Wide range of touch screen sizes available: 7”, 8”, 10, 12”, 15”, 17”, 18.5”, 19”, 22” and 24”

-          Wide range of mounting options like, VESA mount, panel mount, desktop mount

-          Teguar offers top technical support for drivers, hardware, including troubleshooting procedures and general system issues

-          Also top customer service and sales support for product selection, order management, and warranty status is offered

-          You can also configure and buy directly from our Online Shop

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