Aerospace Computer

Aerospace computers meet the high-tech demands needed for today’s military aircraft. These rugged computers are necessary for the intricate needs of today’s network-centric military operations. Each rugged computer unit is able to endure high-pressure water, dust, oil, vibration, shaking, and more without faltering, losing data, or hesitating. The aerospace pc provides high-capacity control, commands, communications, intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance, mission planning, and situational awareness. Each unit provides fast, cutting edge technology along with continual updates that assist in staying above industry standards; and is designed for rugged endurance and is able to withstand the rigors associated with this technological field including: drops, vibration, bumps, water, dust, mud, and all other environmental challenges. This intricately designed aerospace pc provides intelligence and capability that can make the difference between mission success and failure. Teguar provides proven and tested military technology. The easy-to-read touch screen panel provides easy access to all information even while wearing heavy hand coverings and can be easy read in glaring sunlight due to sunlight readable attributes. The thin fan less design provides quiet performance and easy acquisition into pre-existing IT systems and tight aerodynamic spaces. Aerospace computers are designed to contain and process pertinent mission and life critical information. The aerospace pc provides cutting-edge technology for aerospace and defense applications.

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