Teguar Offers Highest CPU Available in IP65, IP66, or IP67 Waterproof PCs


Teguar has released a new line of stainless steel IP65/IP66, IP67, and IP69K touchscreen panel PCs.  The New 15" Skylake IP66new TS-5010 product family includes the latest Intel Sky Lake Core i5 processor and offers the highest performance processing available in a sealed stainless steel waterproof fanless enclosure.  The new 6th Generation Intel i5-6200U CPU was chosen for the TS-5010 series because it is an Intel long life CPU, providing the TS-5010 product family with 5+ years of availability.

These models include a full flat front panel for strict hygienic requirements where Clean In Place (CIP) washdown is required to accommodate various applications such as food processing, food packaging, weighing, and pharmaceuticals.  The TS-5010 series is available in 15”, 19”, and 21.5” LCD sizes to meet the requirements of various applications.  When configured with a resistive touchscreen, the TS-5010 series PCs include an IP65/IP66 protection rating and can be upgraded to IP67 if required.  When configured with a projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen, the TS-5010 waterproof computers include an IP69K rating, a demanding requirement which is popular in food processing applications where high-pressure water jets are used.  M12 waterproof connectors are used for I/O ports such as LAN, USB, and COM to prevent liquid ingress.  Teguar offers M12 I/O expansion cables for these I/O ports as a bridge to bring the waterproof I/O connections out some distance to more standard connections such as RJ45 (LAN), USB Type A, and DB9 (COM).

The new 6th Generation (Sky Lake) Intel i5-6200U CPU used in the TS-5010 series waterproof PCs offers a 30% performance improvement over the previous generation TS-3010 series waterproof computers.  In addition to the upgrades in processing power, the TS-5010 series improves upon the previous generation’s memory capabilities, with dual channel DDR4 2133MHz memory (up to 32GB).   When equipped with a SATA solid state drive, the TS-5010 series IPPCs are the highest performance waterproof solution available today.  If a sunlight readable panel PC is required, the TS-5010 waterproof PCs can be equipped with a 1000 nit high brightness LCD upon request.  Where wireless connectivity is required, the 15”, 19”, and 21.5” models are available with 802.11 a/b/g/n Wifi and Bluetooth with a unique flat antenna design that protects the external antennas from being damaged during usage and wash downs.  Stainless steel yolk mounts are optional for all three screen sizes and are available in table mount and wall mount versions.

The TS-5010 models are available with either Windows 7 or Windows 10 to accommodate both legacy software applications and future upgrades.  Current customers using TS-3010 or TS-3110 products are encouraged to migrate to the new TS-5010 solution, as they will benefit from increased processing power while maintaining the software compatibility with legacy applications. 

To learn more about the TS-5010 IP65/IP67 Computer Series and all the available options, contact a sales representative at sales@teguar.com or visit Teguar’s Waterproof PC and Monitor Page.

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