Teguar Computers for Medical Use

TEGUAR medical computers can be found in many hospitals and doctors’ offices around the world. The whole flush and waterproof front bezel of the medical computer is specially designed for an easy cleaning procedure. All of our computers for medical use are medically certified. 

The medical computer is designed for a variety of environments. The versatile mounting options along with the high quality industry grade casing are designed to provide the most advantageous hygiene and convenience. The touch screen LCD screen is easy to view with colorful digital descriptions and with easy readability. The medical computer is completely sealed and is designed with a smooth exterior without any edges or grooves which provides maximum hygiene and cleanliness. The unit is able to endure the use of industry strength disinfectants without damage to the touch screen.

Physicians are given quick access to patient’s medical records along with digital images. Medical professionals appreciate the flexibility and reliability of the medical touch screen PC. The housing is the highest level of safety available industry wide. The touch screen medical computer provides space-saving, waterproof, environment resistant and state of the art computing in a variety of medical environments. The medical computer meets all electronic and electromagnetic industry standards for medical devices while providing simple operations for medical industry personnel.

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