Medical Tablet PCs

Teguar’s medical tablets are designed to simplify life in the healthcare environment. They make it easy for personnel to pull up a patient’s medical records or to see the real-time vitals and information from accident victims before they reach the hospital for treatment. These rugged medical tablets are UL/EN 60601 certified and have an antibacterial coating to minimize bacteria growth. The touchscreen glass is stronger than that of consumer grade tablets, so they are better protected from drops while being handled. They have a fanless design for silent operation and are a perfect mobile solution for computing in the modern healthcare industry.

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  1. 10" Tablet PC | TMT-Pad

    10" Tablet PC | TMT-Pad


    The TMT-Pad is a viable alternative to the iPad® for industrial and medical computers. It is the first industrial and medical ruggedized pad that is embedded with the latest Intel Cedar Trail CPU that is dual core with high performance and lower power consumption. The ruggedized Tablet PC also supports Windows 7, making integration into existing networks and servers seamless. Also, with the increasing requirement in industrial and medical applications, the TMT-Pad provides a great alternative solution for those looking for a tablet between general consumer and extremely rugged application. Compared with consumer tablet PC, the TMT-Pad satisfies 4 feet drop certification and is IP54 protected against dust and water splash. It also meets higher environmental requirements for commercial and medical use. Communication devices inside the TMT-Pad include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optional 3G and GPS for ease of use with any wireless system.

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  2. 10" Medical Tablet PC | TMT-1830-10

    10" Medical Tablet PC | TMT-1830-10


    From the hospital to home care, the Teguar TMT-1830-10 Medical Tablet PC is designed to handle the most challenging healthcare conditions. With very strong gorilla glass for superior display protection this tablet is ideal for frequent use in places where the calm of the stationary exam room PC is not the best option. Also with a resolution of 1024 x 768 users get a crisp and clean screen viewing experience. Now with the fanless Intel® Atom™ Dual Core N2800 CPU, this durable Medical Tablet PC offers uncompromising levels of power, security and manageability. Extended battery life, a hot swap battery feature, superior performance and advanced remote management capabilities ensure that both clinicians and IT personnel can feel confident that the TMT-1830-10 Medical Tablet PC is available and patient data is secure – freeing up valuable time and resources to focus on patient care. This is a great device for medical tablet pc in hospitals or doctor’s office.

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  3. TMT-4375-12 medical tablet PC

    12" Medical Tablet PC | TMT-4375-12


    The TMT-4375-12 is a medical tablet that is designed to flourish under any conditions in the healthcare environment. These fanless mobile units come with Intel quad core Atom processors, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS. They have an antibacterial coating to inhibit the growth of germs and are UL/EN 60601 medically certified. The tablets are also IP54 dust and waterproof rated and are shock resistant to protect from accidental drops. With a sleek and slim design, the TMT-4375-12 is ideal in the hospital or a doctor’s office for on-the-go personnel.

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