All-in-One Computers

The Teguar industrial all-in-one computers are fully enclosed and ruggedized touchscreen PCs with fanless cooling systems. These units can be placed in a wide variety of environments thanks to being designed for use with wall mounts, desk stands, on swing arms, or for installation in control consoles. Each all-in-one computer utilizes rugged industrial components and a fanless cooling system to enhance performance.

The rugged design of Teguar’s industrial all-in-one computers enable them to perform reliably in harsh conditions with difficult environmental factors such as moisture, heat, dust, and cold. Depending on the needs of your operations, you can choose from either resistive or projected capacitive touchscreen options.

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Industrial All-in-One

Computer Features


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  1. 10" Panel PC | TP-5040-10

    10" All-in-One Panel PC | TP-5040-10


    The TP-5040-10 is an industrial-grade All-in-One PC with a 10.1” widescreen p-cap touch display. With the latest Skylake i3/i5 processors and a fanless cooling system, this unit is ready for integration you’re your process management operations. This computer comes equipped with 11 built-in I/O ports for a wide range of device communication. Several add-on options allow the user to expand the functionality and communication abilities of the unit to fit their needs.

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  2. 10" Industrial Computer | TP-4040-10

    10" All-In-One PC | TP-4040-10


    The TP-4040-10 Touch Panel PC is just the right size for quick use in high traffic and commercial areas. Created with industrial components made to run 24/7, this fanless computer has a smooth black or white piano finish to compliment your facility. The Bay Trail Quad Core CPU has up to 8GB RAM and is an economic choice that has low power usage. The TP-4040-10 panel pc has a 10.1” IP54 protected front screen so it can withstand constant usage and be wiped down periodically for cleaning. The smaller screen size with great processing power works well for applications such as a time clock check in station, or to signal and program facility use with meeting room software. Versatile and compact, this Panel PC packs a punch.

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  3. 12" AIO Panel PC | TP-3485-12

    12.1” All-in-One Industrial PC | TP-3485-12


    The TP-3485-12 is a slim panel PC built to last in harsh settings such as factory floors, production areas and dusty manufacturing environments. This PC has an IP65 rated front panel and the fanless design protects the system's internal parts from dust. The TP-3485-12 has an abundance of I/Os including 4x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 and 2x LAN ports. The 12.1” high resolution resistive touchscreen is ideal for interfacing with an ERP system, viewing sensor information and factory automation. This panel PC has an optional internal backup battery that lasts up to 1.5 hours, so you have plenty of time to back up important data in the case of an unexpected power outage. The optional battery also allows you to move the computer to a different power supply without spending downtime powering down the PC. The TP-3485-12 can be mounted to your OEM machine via its VESA mounting holes, or placed virtually anywhere on your production floor to provide a reliable, long lasting computer solution.

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  4. 15" Industrial Panel PC

    15" Industrial All-In-One PC | TP-4040-15


    The TP-4040-15 is best in class for industrial all-in-one computers. The Quad Core Bay Trail CPU allows for multiple programs to run simultaneously with up to 64 Bit Windows or Linux Operating Systems. A quick access HDD bay provides additional protection for data back-up. This all-in-one computer is ideal to use as the HMI (Human Machine Interface) in a kiosk where constant use and touch screen interaction is required. The TP-4040-15 has an elegant appearance with a thin profile that gives the user a seamless interactive experience. Point of Sale payment modules and other custom configurations are available to meet your particular needs. The TP-4040-15 has highly durable housing, a fanless design, and over 15 I/Os, all at an economic price point.

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  5. 15" Industrial All in One | TP-3485-15

    15” Industrial All-in-One PC | TP-3485-15


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    The TP-3485-15 Industrial Computer was built to last in harsh settings such as factory floors, production areas or dusty manufacturing environments. The 15” high resolution touchscreen is available with P-cap or resistive touch and the front side of this PC is IP65 rated. The fanless design protects the system's internal parts from dust and other airborne particles. The TP-3485-15 can be mounted to your OEM machine via its VESA mounting holes, or placed virtually anywhere on your production floor. In the case of an unexpected power outage, this PC has an optional internal backup battery that lasts up to 1.5 hours, so you’ll have time to back up important data. The backup battery can also be utilized when moving the computer between power supplies around your facility. The TP-3485-15 is one of the most versitile, cost-effective and reliable industrial computing solutions available today.

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  6. 16" Industrial All-in-one Computer | TP-5040-16

    15.6" Fanless All-in-One PC | TP-5040-16


    The TP-5040-16 is a widescreen all-in-one industrial computer with the Intel Skylake Core i3/i5 CPU and up to 8GB RAM. It utilizes a fanless cooling system, so it can run efficiently, 24/7 in particulate rich environments, such as a dusty warehouse or dirty production line. This computer has a 15.6" projected capacitive touchscreen and is built with reliable, industrial-grade components and a durable metal housing. The TP-5040-16 has an IP54 dust and waterproof front bezel, so you can spray and wipe down the unit easily. This computer will integrate into your system seamlessly and provide great ROI and reliable performance for years-on-end.

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  7. 18" Industrial All-in-one Computer

    18.5" Fanless All-in-One PC | TP-5040-18


    The TP-5040-18 widescreen All-in-One computer is a powerful industrial PC. With the Skylake Core i3/i5 CPU and up to 8GB of RAM, this computer is capable of handling demanding applications on your production line, shop floor or warehouse. This PC utilizes fanless cooling, allowing it to operate efficiently and silently, while standing up to dusty or dirty environments. The TP-5040-18 has a large 18.5" projected capacitive touchscreen and IP54 rated waterproof front housing that can be sprayed and wiped down for easy cleaning. Options including an integrated barcode scanner and RFID reader allow this computer to integrate seamlessly into your workflow.

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  8. 22" Fanless Industrial Computer | TP-5040-22

    22" Fanless All-in-One PC | TP-5040-22


    This industrial computer has a 21.5" widescreen P-cap touchscreen and runs on the powerful Intel Skylake core i3/i5 CPU. The TP-5040-22 utilizes fanless cooling and is built with rugged aluminum housing. The front bezel of this computer is IP54 rated waterproof, so it can easily be sprayed and wiped down for cleaning. This PC has options for a webcam, Bluetooth, RFID and barcode reader, for seamless integration into your system. This reliable computer is designed for 24/7 operation in even the most demanding of work environments.

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  9. 22" Industrial Computer | TP-4040-22

    22" Industrial Computer | TP-4040-22


    This touch panel pc is ideal to use as the HMI (Human Machine Interface) where constant use and touch screen interaction is required with quick processing. Point of sale payment modules are available for large orders, as are custom configurations to meet your needs. The TP-4040-22 has a fanless design, highly durable housing, and over fifteen I/Os, and it is available at an economic price point. This industrial panel pc is ideal for commercial use with its progressive design and industrial grade components. The Bay Trail J1900 CPU allows for many programs to run simultaneously with Linux OS or up to 64 bit Windows OS installed. An easy access HDD bay provides protection for data back-up to safeguard your information.

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All-In-One PCs

Teguar’s all-in-one touchscreen computers are a definitive solution for OEM manufactures and factory automation applications that require rugged long-life cycle solutions. These industrial all-in-one PCs include VESA mounting holes, so they can be attached to articulating arms, desktop stands, or hung on walls. These models include rugged fanless enclosures that excel in dusty factory environments. They are available in a variety of screen sizes, and they are the most cost effective option for stand-alone computer applications. Many OEM equipment manufacturers utilize Teguar’s industrial all-in-one PCs as a human machine interface on their equipment. Factories use Teguar’s all-in-one computers on production lines for weighing, labeling, and to integrate with their ERP systems.

Fanless Reliability

Teguar all-in-one touchscreen computers include a unique thermal design for reliable fanless operation. Not only are these computer fanless, but they do not include ventilation holes. They are protected from dust and other airborne contamination that would otherwise enter the chassis, clog airways, coat components, and cause performance degradation or outright failure. All-in-one fanless computers are the optimal solution for your dusty environment.

Performance for Any Application

Teguar all-in-one PCs are available with a variety of CPU options. Many factory automation applications require a reliable touchscreen HMI user interface for web-based software. For these applications, a Celeron CPU may be more than adequate. Other applications may require higher CPU performance such as a Core i3, i5, or even an i7 CPU for data processing or high performance graphics applications. Teguar all-in-one computers offers you a full range of CPU options to cover the gamut of performance requirements.

Industrial Design

Teguar all-in-one touchscreen computers are available in a variety of screen sizes ranging from 10.1” to 24”. They include rugged die-cast aluminum fanless enclosures that are protected from dust and other contamination. When equipped with a solid state drive, these all-in-one PCs can withstand high mechanical shock and vibration environments. These computers include an I/O cover that conceals the Ethernet, USB, COM, and other ports from damage from the elements and from tampering.

Rugged Projected Capacitive Touchscreen

Teguar all-in-one computers include rugged multi-touch projected capacitive touchscreens. These screens offer a hardened glass substrate that is superior to a resistive touchscreen. The projected capacitive touchscreens are resistant to scratches and other damage that can render resistive touchscreens inoperable. Projected capacitive touchscreens are not only more rugged than resistive touchscreens, but they offer support for multiple touch points, enabling gesturing features such as pinch, zoom, and rotate. Compared to resistive touchscreens, projected capacitive touchscreens also offer a cleaner appearance and higher luminescence.