Fanless Embedded PCs with Atom/Celeron CPUs

Embedded PCs. Fanless box computers. Gateway controllers. Fanless PCs go by many names, but whatever you call them, Teguar's line of Atom / Celeron fanless PCs are made with industrial components - for industrial use. Our unique thermal design allows heat to dissipate evenly, requiring no fan to cool the heat generated from the CPU. Teguar Computers provides a standard performance solution that allows for reliable operation in environments with high shock and vibration, moisture, and debris in the air. At great price points, these fanless computers are the right choice for everyday IoT applications and network configurations where advanced processing power is simply not needed.
  1. Fanless Box PC | TB-4040

    Fanless Box PC | TB-4040


    This fanless compact box PC comes equipped with an Intel Bay Trail Celeron J1900 2.0Ghz CPU and up to 8GB RAM. The TB-4040 is designed to be used in conjunction with HD screens and other graphically demanding and quick processing jobs. With a very small profile and an easy access design the TB-4040 fanless PC is easy to put into play discreetly where you need it. This box pc is efficient and energy conscious with low power consumption, lots of I/O ports, and VESA mounting capabilities. This is a great hub solution for multiple screens or electronic devices.

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  2. Waterproof Box Computer | TWB-2945

    Waterproof PC | TWB-2945


    This industrial stainless steel box PC can be used in a wide variety of applications that require rugged and compact computer design. The TWB-2945 is a sleek IP67 and IP69K rated waterproof box PC with a fully sealed, fanless design. Powered by an Intel Bay Trail N2930 1.83GHz SoC processor, the TWB-2945 has an ultra-low power consumption of 6.3W. For added configurability, this computer comes with an internal mini-PCIe slot and internal SD slot (up to 32GB).

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  3. Fanless Box Computer | TB-2945

    Fanless Box Computer | TB-2945


    The TB-2945 fanless box PC has a powerful Intel Celeron N2930 Quad Core CPU and a rugged chassis. This box computer has a wide range 9V to 36V DC power input, and the fanless cooling system allows it to operate in a wide temperature range from 0 to 50 °C (-20 to 60°C optional). The TB-2945 has 2 Gigabit LAN, 6 USB ports, 3 COM ports, VGA, and HDMI video outputs that support dual independent displays. The ultra slim design and wall mount brackets make this box PC ideal for industrial control, manufacturing, and machine automation applications.  

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  4. Fanless Box Computer | TB-2945-DIN

    Fanless Box Computer | TB-2945-DIN


    The TB-2945-DIN fanless box computer is partner to the TB-2945. The major difference is the TB-2945-DIN can be mounted on a DIN rail to save space and integrate seamlessly into your industrial environment. The DIN rail mounting system makes installation a breeze and allows industrial control equipment to be mounted conveniently next to each other. The TB-2945-DIN has an easy-access 2.5” SATA2 HDD Bay, 6 USB ports, and 2 Mini-PCIe expansion slots. This box computer has a wide range 9V to 36V DC power input, and the fanless cooling system allows it to operate in a wide temperature range from 0 to 50 °C (-20 to 60°C optional). The ultra slim design and wall mount make this box PC ideal for industrial control, manufacturing, and machine automation applications. 

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Fanless Reliability

Traditional computers are not designed for use in industrial applications. They often fail from environmental contamination such as dust and other airborne particulates. Fanless embedded box PCs are not affected by dust, as there is no air circulation pulling dust into the system. These fanless embedded systems protect the internal components from the environment, prolonging their life and maintaining their performance. Conventional computers include moving components such as fans and hard drives, and these components wear down over time. These components have discrete lifetimes that are reduced further when exposed to heat or vibration. Fanless box PCs are solid state computers with no moving components, so the most common points of failure are removed from concern.

Long Term Availability

Teguar’s fanless embedded PCs are industrial solutions. They are industrial in the sense that they are rugged computers that can withstand harsh conditions. They are also industrial in terms of their life cycle support. Our fanless embedded PCs are designed using industrial components with long term availability. These computers use CPUs that are designated by Intel as “Embedded”, meaning that the CPUs will be available for at least seven years. The life cycle of our fanless embedded systems follow the Intel embedded CPU life cycle, providing them with the longest-term availability possible. When choosing an embedded box PC for a long-term project, product life cycle is maximized by selecting a model with the latest generation CPU. This embedded box PC will be available for years to come, so there is no need to be concerned about software redesign or mechanical changes.

Industrial Mounting Options

Teguar’s fanless box PCs are designed for industrial applications. Traditional computers lack mounting solutions that are typically required when integrating into a machine or in a production facility. Our fanless embedded PCs include mounting brackets, so they can easily be fastened to the surface of OEM equipment or wall mounted. Many of our industrial computers are designed for DIN rail mounting or have an optional DIN rail attachment, which is a common requirement for mounting in industrial cabinets.

Wide Operating Temperature

Teguar offers fanless box PCs that can withstand harsh environments that are not temperature controlled. These industrial computers are engineered with low power CPUs and special thermal designs that enable them to be used in applications where temperature fluctuations are common. When equipped with industrial temp memory and industrial temp solid state drive, embedded box PCs are a perfect solution for applications in remote locations, confined spaces, outdoor equipment, and transportation. Teguar’s fanless embedded PCs offer reliable operation in the harshest environments.