Spreadsheets with budget planner onscreen, project requirements on another, and hopefully the favorable trade winds of google searches behind you; the process of choosing an industrial touch screen begins.  Whether it is for a control panel, kiosk, OEM integration, production/packaging line, or running MES software in your factory, after enough screen time, all panel pcs can seem to blend together.  Two factors are primary. First, it needs to be an industrial computer and second, it needs to have a touch screen. Beyond that, that rest of the decision-making process is a maze of variable factors with weighted factors which complication depends on how engineer geeked-out you get or if you are a professional purchasing agent. If you take a look at what people are searching for about touch screens you get

  • 26 QuestionsIndustrial Touch Screens on a Panel
  • 75 Prepositions
  • 26 Comparisons
  • 516 Related Terms Afterward

This is not a complete list and does not include variables.

As Marketing Manager at Teguar Computers, I wish I could tell every buyer that we have a plug and play solution pre-crafted for exactly their needs and that every single scenario and all projects we are working on is peaches and cream. However, this is not usually business reality.  Business reality is full of competing outcomes that somehow both have to win.  Business reality if full of change and random factors that shift the end goals.

With this in mind, finding the right industrial touch screen can be as much of an art as it is a science. Getting the right industrial touch screen lined up per project involves more than simply clicking 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB of RAM per order. Coming up with the best computer solution in a break-neck speed-of-technology environment takes concentrated effort.

As a consumer, you can compare tech specs, some pricing, and a limited amount of company information like ISO certification online.  After that, products and websites can seem to blend together. I recommend getting to know the company first and the products second. Of course, I am biased, but I think you should get to know Teguar because we understand business reality.

Teguar account managers want to work for you. They want to get the perfectly matched product into your hands, so that you will return every time you have a project that requires industrial touch screens. We make no assumptions about any project or company needs.  

When the sales line gets phone calls such as “Can one of your computers be mounted on top of my fishing boat in the North Sea?” or “Can you tell me if any lights are visible on your outdoor computers at night and are the computers perfectly silent”; Teguar knows that like people, companies and projects are unique.   When project needs are understood, when you are heard, when someone has thought about what you had not even considered, you know you made the right choice. You made the right choice through beginning with a company whose primary goal is to make sure you have the right industrial touch screen for your project. 


About the Author: Shira Sagal is Marketing Manager at Teguar Computers. Between growing computer hardware technology and even faster advancing marketing technology, she learns something new every day. With a Bachelors in Psychology and a focus on human-centered design, Shira works though how any area of knowledge will best be put to use by people.