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Product Category: All-in-One Computers

Teguar provides all-in-one computers ideal for Point-of-Sale (POS) applications in a diverse range of settings. Teguar POS computers are durable, so they can be used by multiple users, all day, year after year. They also feature high-performing processors, so they can handle several tasks at a time, including POS software, customer information input, and credit card processing. Efficiency is important at the point-of-sale, Teguar’s POS computers have rich I/Os, so you can integrate other devices like signature pads and scanners, and enter sales or item information quickly.

POS computers are commonly used in the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries, and are moving into other industries where long lasting computers are needed at the sales counter. In places where food and beverages are sold, Teguar can provide fanless computers. Computers in cafes, bakeries and bars are prone to early failure because the fans and internal parts can get clogged up by particles in the air, or damaged by accidental spills. A fanless design helps protect internal parts, as well as prevents the spread of dust and germs.

Teguar’s POS computers can be used in any setting, even outdoors. For outdoor applications, you need a computer with a sunlight readable LCD and waterproof bezel. Teguar representatives stay up to date on industry trends, so they can help you deploy the best POS system for your business. 


Features of POS Computers:

  • Durable Touchscreens
  • Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or Intel Atom/Celeron CPU
  • Rich I/Os
  • Optional Sunlight Readable LCDs
  • Up to IP66 Water and Dust Proof Rating


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