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Beverage and bottling industry computers are providing answers for this intensely competitive market. Economic changes have caused price pressure from consumers that are affecting beverage production. In order to keep customers loyal, bottlers must emphasize value and avoid price increases. This requires changes in many ways and Teguar is here to assist you in making valuable and effective changes that work! We provide valuable time and cost effective production opportunities. Our bottling industry computers are offering solutions that work through streamlining production and eliminating excess cost.

The bottling industry computers are used with software that is flexible and designed for productivity increase. ERP software works to bring more efficiency to the manufacturing floors and is therefore a great investment. With an ERP software roll out, comes the selection of data input and data visualization terminals. A special type of a waterproof computer is required for factory production as there is usually a lot of water, moisture, steam, and chemicals around the bottling lines. Teguar offers a cutting edge technology based computer for beverage industry production. Each PC unit is easily adapted into pre-existing IT systems, allowing for streamlined operations and quick adjustments that result in timely price decreases. External ports provide easy adaption for multiple needs including ethernet, WLAN connectivity, and more without affecting waterproof capabilities. These intense PC units are able to withstand the extreme conditions experienced on the bottling lines. 


What is an IP rating?

IP stands for ingress protection and an IP rating indicates the degree to which an enclosure protects its contents from the environment. Computers range from IP00, which is no protection from solids or liquids, to the highest rating, IP69K, which is full protection from dust ingress, boiling water, and high pressure water jets.


Features of Beverage and Bottling Computers:

  • Available in 10”,15”, 17”, 19”, 22”
  • Intel Core i3/i5/i7 or Atom/Celeron CPU
  • IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP69K rated
  • Fully sealed and fanless design
  • Durable in particulate rich environments
  • Waterproof cable sets, power supply and connectors


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